Feb 9, 2010

*MIZBIES* A warm cup of joe

Starting this week, SeamlessWeb is giving away free coffees all over Manhattan. 
They seemed to do this annually to promote their website. Look for the closest location near you and definitely stop by to get a cup of coffee. The locations change weekly so go to www.freecoffeedays.com for more  information on when and where.
Midtown East: February 1~5
Midtown West: February 8~12
Upper East & West: February 15~19
Financial District: February 22~26
MizAdvice: I highly recommend choosing Guy & Gallard branches over other privately owned coffee shops because they have more choices on different kinds of coffee. Guy & Gallard had about 7 different flavors like French Vanilla, German Chocolate (my personal favorite), House Blend, Vietnamese, Tiramisu, Cookies & Cream, Hazelnut and so on.

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