Feb 15, 2010

*MIZADVICE* Pamper yourself at home

I'm obsessed with skin care, especially in the winter when it can be extremely dry and harsh, I pamper myself without paying for expensive spa treatments. Here are the home remedies that I have tried and worked miracles on my skin and hair. Do these as often as you can.

Oatmeal and yogurt mask
1 tbsp oatmeal
1 tbsp organic plain yogurt

Yogurt mask
1 tbsp organic plain yogurt
1 tsp honey

Daily cabbage juice
1 cup of cabbage juice with no salt and no sugar. Yes, it tastes disgusting at first, but it helped me clear up my acne and blemishes.

Vinegar for hair and skin treatment
Just a few drops (about 1 tbsp) of vinegar mixed in half gallon of water. Use it to wash your face after cleansing with your regular soap for skin care. For hair care, massage your scalp after shampooing with the same amount of vinegar and water. It will cleanse your scalp making your hair look healthier and shinier.
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