Mar 24, 2010

*SAMPLE SALE* Amass all ye faithful, Hermes is here

I must have been spoiled... Due to the recession, the last two Hermes early morning lines were anemic. Therefore, as I turned the corner on to 18th, I was completely taken off-guard when I saw the sea of people that had already amassed.  It was then I realized, Hermes was back in its rightful place as one of Manhattan's greatest semi-annual sales. Speaking of lines, people on this line always seem to be different. It's like the well-to-doers all woke up and sauntered over to Chelsea. I can see septuagenarians dressed in Chanel and well dressed men carrying birkins. The usual "I'm really important, get out of my way" crowd even takes the time to stand in line. Oh right, the's around the corner on to 6th now, at it's only 8:50. Oh well, will report back from inside the mayhem.
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