Mar 26, 2010

*SAMPLE SALE* Hermes: Calm after the storm

At 10 am today, I decided to head back down to the Hermes sample sale to see how much inventory was left for this weekend's shoppers.
As you can see from the photo below, Wednesday's utterly slow line had completely disappeared. Inside, the mayhem is now gone, replaced by a calm, civilized shopping scene. All the canvas bags, including Garden Party, are gone. A lot of the shoes have also been taken. RTW is still abundant, as well as neckties. The amount of inventory on enamel bracelets and scarves have significantly reduced but still there is enough for the taking. Men's pockets squares have all been purchased. And finally, the Kelly Caleche fragrance set somehow appeared from nowhere (or maybe I just missed them last time in the confusion) but the Eau des Merveilles/24 Faubourg set is now gone. So if you a reading this and you are a weekend shopper, take note and drop by. And for a recap of this magnificent sale. Links below.

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