Apr 23, 2010


{Uh-b-sesh-uh n}: a persistent preoccupation with an often unreasonable idea. So, are we??

Of course we are, silly. Brands have taken over, product placement is now the norm, and collabs are all the rage. Powerful companies with powerful products collaborate to create ultra-powerful goods that blind us with such fantastic sheen that we stop, drop and drool at the mere visual presence of those objects. Lust galore, I say...

For many bagoholics, Hermes' Porosus Birkin represents an unobtainable holy grail. A bag so extraordinarily expensive, coveted, and rare that even having the opportunity to hold one--much less own one-- is a somewhat unrealistic aspiration. Now, slap on a few diamonds and you've got, arguably, one of the most expensive bags ever made. Take THAT brand power and merge it with two car companies (Bugatti & Smart) and one camera company (Leica) and what have you got? An unstoppable entity feeding consumers an endless supply of envious eye candy.

Yes, our obsession may have been curtailed by the recession. But now, it seems the luxury obsession is creeping back. We covet, ogle, and drool over the likes of Chanel, Hermes, Manolo, and Louboutin. And rightfully so! They make fantastic goods in their respective fields. But for me, I think there is a thin line between brilliant creative licensing and brand licensing gone wild. Isn't sometimes too much, TOO MUCH??

Below, some eye candy for those utterly OBSESSED~

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