Apr 11, 2010

*SAMPLE SALE* Bvlgari: a hidden gem {part1}

If Hermes' sample sale is advertised as the perennial 'IT' sale, then this Bvlgari sale is the 'hidden gem' of sample sales.
Like today's fabulous weather, Bvlgari's sample sale sure didn't disappoint. There were an abundant assortment of items, ranging from ties to small leather goods to perfume. All priced 60% to 80% off retail. Ties were $52.50 and scarves were $165. An array of perfumes were all 60% off. Silver gifts (ie: cufflinks, keychains, etc..) were 75% off. Then there were the bags. It was bag galore there. There were wallets, clutches, diary cases, men's briefcases, canvas bags, leather bags, exotic bags, and oversized luggage bags that were 70% off (80% off if it had a pink marking). All in all, there was something for everyone. 

I also noticed that most of the sale attendants were from previous Hermes sample sales. But unlike said sale, not having to wait in line made this sale so much more pleasurable. FYI, patrons were buying bags and bags of merchandise. So if you are interested, head over soon. The when and where are here.

The photos will be divided into 3 parts. So enjoy!!

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