Apr 14, 2010

*SAMPLE SALE* Let's see, Betsey

Tulles, laces, sequins, polka dots...Oh my~ This was my reaction as I stepped into the Betsey Johnson sample sale. There were adorable shoes (like the one above), lotions, jewelry, day dresses, evening dresses, bags, and even some petticoats; all in the iconic Betsey style. It seemed there were a lot of teenagers shopping for playful and unique prom dresses. Below are more photos from the event and a list of prices.

Price list:
Day dresses $65~$75
Evening dresses $80~$100 (Updated: Racked reporting $100 evening dresses)
Cosmetic bags $15
Handbags $35~$99
Leggings $50
Sandals $75
Jewelry 50% off
Petticoats $75
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