Apr 2, 2010

*SAMPLE SALE* Report from Club Monaco

Reporting from the Club Monaco sale on the west side. Seems the hush-hush sale has attracted a lot of people. By the time I went in (9:30 am), the line had stretched to 50-60 people deep and moved at a snail's pace.
Unlike previously reported, the sale actually started on Wednesday. What is accurate; the prices are insanely low and that a lot of the items show signs of damage. The most expensive item I saw was jackets that were going for $20. The cheapest item on the list was for books ($1). And everything from tees, pants, to ties ranged in between. In my opinion, due to the snail-like pace of the line, the sale may go past the noon mark. This is because I overheard that all items must be sold or will be thrown out.

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