Apr 13, 2010

*SAMPLE SALE* Report from Elie Tahari

I went to the sale this afternoon and waited in line for about 10 minutes. The crowd inside wasn't too bad and there was a steady stream of people lining up as I left. Inside, I found some nice day dresses and tops but overall, I wasn't too happy with their merchandise. There was a small area for scarves and leggings in one corner near the handbag section. Several racks of shoes and a decent men's section. Though the main attraction was the women's racks, neatly sectioned off with placards hanging from the ceiling, indicating what items were where. Prices were reasonable but there were some visibly damaged items, so be careful what you choose. See more pics and a full list of prices after the break.

Price list:
Leggings $19
Knits $19~$29
Sweaters $49
Blouses $59
Skirts $59
Pants $59
Leather skirts $79
Luxe sweaters $89
Leather pants $99
Jackets $99
Leather dresses $129
Evening dresses $129
Coats $199~$249
Leather jackets $279
Fur/Shearling $499
Ballet flats $79
Pumps and sandals $99
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