Apr 20, 2010

*SAMPLE SALE* Rodarte woos me

Arriving at Rodarte's studio on 39th, I was equally nervous and excited to see what items were available; seeing that the cash-only event had a price range from $40~$4000. Upon entering, the atmosphere was calm and collected. I felt like a VIP, though, I knew the actual VIPs were the clothing.

Unlike other sample sales, where clothing lie in dingy boxes or are haphazardly thrown on racks, Rodarte's items were carefully hung and wrapped in plastic; the UTMOST care given. There were no damaged items to be seen. With this much attention given, I thought the prices would trend more towards the $4000 mark than the $40 mark. But to my surprise, most of the items were quite affordable. The intricately beaded dress in the 5th photo below costs $300. It was STUNNING!! The few shoes available cost $1000. Tops and skirts were $100. A leather jacket was $500. And finally dresses were $300-$2800. But remember, prices differed depending on what materials were used. Two tidbits of note, the changing rooms are actually restrooms. Also there are no tags, so you have to ask the sale associate for the prices. Like myself, my fellow shoppers seemed thoroughly impressed with what Rodarte had to offer. So, if you have the cash, this is definitely and certifiably a Mizhattan-Approved 'MUST SALE'.

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