Apr 29, 2010

*SAMPLE SALE* Running of the stilettos

Andre Leon Talley, contributing editor (as of this writing) at Vogue, kicked off the Manolo Blahnik sale today in grand fashion. Upon entering, patrons check-in and are assigned an alphabet ticket, which correlates to when you get to shop. People really started to storm in around 11am, and was getting so crowded, they had to start up another waiting room. It is a cash-only event, so if you are thinking of coming later on today, remember to stop by the ATM. Also, almost all 38-39 sizes are sold out.

Price list:
Plain/Suede/Leather/Satin shoes $100
Pony hair/Snake/Ornament/Gromets/Embroidered shoes $125
Lace/Rhinestones/Chains/Heavy/Stingray shoes $150
Large rhinestone/Lizard trim/Eel shoes $175
Ostrich/Alligator trim shoes $200
Python/Lizard sandals $200
Python/Lizard shoes $250
Alligator sandals $250
Alligator shoes $350
Gladiator leather boots $150
Shoe/Open toe booties $200
Gladiator snake/chain boots $250
Ankle boots $250
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