Apr 15, 2010

*SAMPLE SALE* Sample tsunami rides through Steffe

There is only one word to describe the sample sale held by Cynthia Steffe..and that is INSANITY! Of my countless years attending these sales (including that of this year's  Mayhem at Hermes), I have never seen such chaos. Packed into a tiny showroom like sardines in a can, women were hoarding, clothes were flying, elbows were being thrown. I came out gasping for air, checking to see if I was in one piece. This was the total antithesis of how proper ladies should have acted. Therefore I apologize for the lack of clothing photos today. The ones posted below were the best I could manage. By the way, with all the chaos, I was still able to ask the sales rep. if there would be any restocking...and sadly there will not be. Like those two lonely dresses in the photo above, items left after the 'sample tsunami' are all that will remain.

Price list: (This is after the fact..since there many be no items left)
Dress $30
Rompers $30
Pants $20
Skirts $20
Jacket $35
Coats $50
Leather $50
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