Apr 14, 2010

*WEDDING SPECIAL* MizGuide to the Running of the Brides

Similar to Olympians gathering for the Olympics, Filene's Basement calls upon the brides-to-be of the world to assemble and run a proud but exhausting race dubbed the 'Running of the Brides'. The prize: a designer wedding dress for an insanely low price. The hurdle: all the other competitors. Here is Mizhattan's survival guide to this race.

To Camp Out or not to Camp Out..
It's not uncommon to see groups of ladies camping out in front, the night before the event. Though many say this is unnecessary (see reason below), some ladies view it as a bonding experience. A memory they could share with others. 
*Tidbit of note: this is one shopping experience where each bride-to-be will be purchasing at most..ONE DRESS! So if you want to skip out on the early morning pandemonium, there will still be a nice variety to choose from later on in the day.

An Army..Not an Army of One
If you plan to go to this event make sure to bring a group of friends and family members along. Also assign these people specific tasks. For example, there are 'campers,' whose mission is to acquire a suitable area of terra firma once inside the mayhem. There are 'rack busters', whose mission is to hoard as many dresses as possible. A few others are 'mirror-man', 'traders', and 'prowlers'.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall 
As mentioned in the point above, assign a 'mirror-man' whose sole responsibility is to bring and hold a mirror. Though there are mirrors throughout the store, they can quickly be taken up by other groups. In addition, your 'camping ground' could be somewhere mirrors are not.

Dress down..Hair up
Brides-to-be can get a bit stirred up in the mass hysteria that is the Running of the Brides. But that doesn't mean you should be running around in just your unmentionables. TV reporters usually cover this event, so there is no need to embarrass yourself in public. Instead, be presentable yet comfortable. Wear a fitted top and running shorts to insure that you can quickly & comfortably get in and out of dresses without having to expose yourself. Also, try not to wear make-up. You don't want to be smudging the 'IT' dress with your lipstick and foundation. Finally, since most brides wear their hair up on their special day, it's wise to tie it in a similar fashion for this event. That way, you can get a overall feel for the look you are going for. This also deters other maniacal women from hair-pulling during the 'grab' for dresses.  

Trading that Wall St. would be jealous of
A certain phenomenon has developed over the 60 years this event has been held; that is TRADING. After the rack-busting chaos subsides and the brides-to-be have tried on a few dresses, the trading bell rings. Traders will walk around the trading floor with hand-made placards announcing the bride-to-be's dress size. It isn't uncommon to see blockbuster MULTI-party trades. If all goes well, dresses exchange hands and each party goes off on their merry way. So be prepared to create some eye-catching signs.

A Few Money Saving Wedding Pointers:
*Find a fully furnished space in a "naturally" decorative location
*Hold the ceremony and reception at the same venue
*Off-season (Jan.-April) and off-days (avoid Sat. night) are cheaper
*People attending daytime weddings usually consume less food and alcohol
*Buy flowers that are in season
*Hire a DJ and forgo the live band

{Image via Marilyn's Keepsakes}
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