May 17, 2010

*MIZBIES* Haagen–Dazs free scoop

Haagen–Dazs is turning 50 on Tuesday, May 18th. To celebrate their birthday, Haagen–Dazs is giving away a free scoop of Haagen–Dazs ice cream (coffee, chocolate or vanilla) from 4pm~8pm. Haagen–Dazs shop locator here.

MizAdvice: I've confirmed that the Haagen–Dazs shop in Penn Station is participating in this giveaway, so you might want to head over there.

Updated: A tipster tells me that, sadly, the Penn Station manager has changed his mind and decided not to honor the giveaway this year. Boo~hoo~

{Image credit: Haagen–Dazs}
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