May 20, 2010

*SAMPLE SALE* Flip for Phillip

Though the weather was fantabulous today, I need a little reprieve from the stinging sun. I found it at the AC-cooled sample sale of Phillip Lim. Around 16 women's RTW racks greet you as you enter. There were about 5 racks for men and 2 really really adorable racks of children's wear. My gosh~ they were cute. The selection for women was immense though it included a lot of past season items.  Tops, sweaters, skirts, pants, dresses, and outerwear were aplenty and in classic Phillip Lim style. The listed prices were a bit on the expensive side but there was an additional 25% off markdown!! Furthermore, I heard that they may additionally reduce prices for the final day, which is tomorrow.

Price list:
REMEMBER *25% off the prices listed below*
Skirts $100~$250
Sweaters $100~$250
Tops $100~$150
T–shirts $50
Bags $150~$250
Belts $50
Outerwear $150~$800
Dresses $125~$300
Pants $75~$200
Shoes $100
Children's wear $20~$125
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