May 12, 2010

*SAMPLE SALE* In the garden of Lela Rose

Today I stepped into Lela Rose's tiny garden of RTWs. As expected, it was full of florals, polka dots, stripes, and tweeds in different styles and fabrics. There were also small amount of tops, skirts, and accessories but the dresses were the jewels of this garden.  

Although I was happy to see many great summery dresses and friendly sales associates, I was not so happy with the pricing (brief pricing after the jump). A small $25 clearance bin that no one seemed to want just sat lonely near a wall. Also, I have to warn you that there is no fitting room available for changing. So if you hate being half naked in a tiny space in front of others, maybe you should pass on this sale.

Price list:
Dresses $295~$795 
Knits $150~$220
Belts $95, $125, $150, $160
Tops $140~$295
Skirts $160~$260
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