May 5, 2010

*SAMPLE SALE* Nancy Gonzalez's Exotics R Us

Colorful exotic bags lay everywhere at the Nancy Gonzalez sample sale. Held in a small office space, the room was chock full of crocodiles and pythons. I arrived at 11am and there was about a 30 minute wait. Gonzalez fans were grabbing 3~4 bags at a time, struggling to decide what to buy. You would need to spend at least $600 at this sale but considering the materials used, it is quite affordable. Just be aware of minor imperfections that were sometimes seen on the bags.  And the cashier's line moved slowly, so patience is required.

Price list:
X–large bags $1,600
Large bags $1,350
Medium bags $1,150
Small bags $850
Fur bags $1,000
Mixed large bags $800
Mixed small bags $600
Boxes $300
Clutches $600
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