May 20, 2010

*SAMPLE SALE* Wham, Bam, Thank you Lam

The Derek Lam showroom, located on the far westside was harder to find than I thought. Upon exiting the elevator on the 17th floor, you must walk past an uninviting double door, make a right at a what looks like a dimly lit back corridor, and down another long corridor. Half way down, I thought I was actually going the wrong way. But if you persist down the path, the gleaming glass doors of Lam await. 

Inside, the showroom had about 12 racks of sample RTW in mostly size 4 and 6. There were a lot of bright hue dresses and gowns perfect for a summer soiree. Current and past season shoes were piled near the entrance, as were a few bags. A note on the past season shoes; most showed signs of significant wear since they were samples. I would have to say "Pass" on these items. Moving on, there was also a few "Under $100" racks with knits/tops ($25), skirts($50), pants($50), and coats($100).  Though, the good stuff were all over the $175 mark (the most expensive being a $995 sequin wrap dress), if you are a Lam fan a drop-by on this gorgeous day can't hurt; just remember not to get lost.

Price list:
Shoes (current season) $150
Shoes/bags (past season) $75
Under $100 rack knits/top $25
Under $100 rack skirts/pants $50
Under $100 coats $100
Skirts $150~$275
Gowns $650
Tops $135~$295
Dresses $240~$995
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