Jun 22, 2010

*SAMPLE SALE* Hat party at Eugenia's

Earlier today, milliner extraordinaire, Eugenia Kim warmly invited people into her sample sale. Guests had the honor of getting recommendations from the designer, herself.
An abundant array of head-wears were on display. Lots of beach floppy hats and straw fedoras with sequins and bows were lazily hanging, waiting for people to pop them on. Berets in rosette details were so adorable. Hair accessories also in sequins, floral prints, polka dots, and nautical ropes were hard to miss. I did a quick look around for any Eugenia Kim for Target products, but could not find any. So, if you have any beach plans this summer or just want a cool and fashionable accessory to keep the scorching sun at bay, drop by the wonderful world of hats @ Eugenia Kim's.

Price list:
$5~$135 (all marked with a different colored sticker)
$5, $25, and $35 clearance bins of accessories and hats

Buy more, Save more
Buy 2 items in the $20~$45 range..save $5
Buy 3 items in the $20~$45 range..save $10
Buy 2 items in the $55~$135 range..save $10
Buy 3 items in the $55~$135 range..save $20
Buy 4 items..get one free
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