Jun 3, 2010

Royal pain at Royal Pains event

The USA network's Royal Pains and Lacoste event seems to have drawn a huge crowd. I mean, can you expect anything less when they are giving away Metrocards and $50 Lacoste gift cards? Currently, at 1pm, the line snakes in and out from 32nd to 34th St. The wait seems to be at least an hour and a half. People are moaning and groaning at the looong wait in the hot, sticky weather. This event is also not without controversy. Other than the usual line-cutting, it seems a whole bunch of opportunistic people have continuously come back with additional shirts, in order to exchange them for the gift cards and Metrocards. One person bragged that he got 10 of both cards--which amounts to $522.50--that is ridiculous!! Charitable causes are great, but really???? In addition, one shirt-less man exchanged his sweaty shirt (he just came from the gym) for the gift card and then promptly tried to sell it to the people waiting in line for $25...oh my~ Finally, the NYC souvenir shop on 33rd sold a lot of "I heart NY" shirts (care to guess why??).
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