Jun 3, 2010

*SAMPLE SALE* Alice + Olivia = a sale in Wonderland

Alice + Olivia's sample sale was supposed to begin tomorrow morning at 8am. However, lucky fans of Alice + Olivia got an early chance to shop tonight. 

At this sale I found lots and lots of glittery sequins on dresses, tops, shoes, and pants. Sequins are big this season so if you are looking for a great sequin dress for that special outing, make sure to stop by this sale. I also found adorable dresses & tops for girls and racks full of tiered ruffles, polka dots, draperies, and floral prints for women. They had a few bins of shoes, belts, swimsuits, and scarves on the floor but the dresses were the "it" item. Overall, it was pretty crowded but not chaotic (I expect the crowd to grow tomorrow). The dressing "space" was sufficiently roomy but there was no privacy curtain to conceal you from the shopping crowd. The official sale starts tomorrow and runs through Monday. A full price list and of course more photos after the break.

Price list:
Detail & beaded dresses $189
Day dresses $149
Jumpsuits $149
Pants $99
Skirts $99
Shorts $99
Sweaters $99
Beaded tops $129
Tops $79
Base tees $39
Jackets $199
Leather $249 
Mens $89
Kids $69
Leggings $19
Leather leggings $249
Novelty leggings $159
Scarves $29
Large candles $55
Small candles $42
Payless $29
Tights $34
Bathing suits $49
Bracelets $69
Necklaces $269
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