Jun 8, 2010

*SAMPLE SALE* Feeling dull at Ralph Lauren

Two weeks ago, the line stretched at Ralph Lauren's Friends & Family sale. Well, today morning, Ralph kicked off a sale for the public at the same venue. A group from RL corporate came out to oversee the event, so I had high expectations.

Unfortunately, I was quite disappointed at what was offered. The conservative 'cookie cutter' design really didn't appeal to me. Yes, all items were 70% off retail. But why buy something sooooo boring, unless it's for work? 

There were a few RL Collection pieces, but the majority were from Mr Lauren's Black Label. Button-down shirts, cable-knit sweaters, v-neck sweaters, sleeveless sweaters ($89.40, $119.40, and $136.50) and polos littered the tables. All imaginable hues were present. But most, if not all, were made in China. The cashmere, on touch alone, was not as soft and luxurious as I would have liked. My MizAdvice is to skip this sale and go to one (or ALL) of the many others that are happening today...Lauren Moffatt...DVF...Tracy Reese. Better style and better prices await.

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