Jun 11, 2010

*SAMPLE SALE* Helmut's urban modern sale

This Helmut Lang sample sale provided the usual finely-cut, minimalistic, monochromatic wears seen throughout his collections. There was no line as I made my way up the flight of stairs, but I did notice a steady stream of people going in as I left. The prices weren't spectacular. Most were 50% off. But there was a single rack (2nd photo below) with actual 'samples' going for much less. No signs of damage on any of the items and the sales associates were friendly. T-shirts for $70, vest for $160, and leather shorts for $250 were few of the prices points. Lovers of Lang's clean-cut, asymmetrical lines and neutral (mostly black) tones should check this sale out. As usual, more after the break.

Price list:
T-shirts $70
Scarves $80
Tops $110
Shorts $125
Skirts $125
Denim $130
Pants $130
Vest $160
Sweaters $170
Dresses $215
Blazers $275
Leather shorts $250
Leather pants $299
Leather jackets $475~$800

Sample rack
T-shirts $25
Scarves $30
Tops $40
Pants $45
Skirts $45
Shorts $45
Sweaters $60
Dresses $75
Jackets $100
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