Jun 13, 2010

*SAMPLE SALE* Hip-Hip Herrera!!

The Carolina Herrera sample sale was such a delightful and pleasurable experience. Not only because it made me feel like a Park Ave. princess, but also because it was surprisingly affordable!!

Beautiful evening gowns and cocktail dresses were aplenty. They grabbed my attention right away. Since these were Carolina's creations, I felt a little hesitant when checking the price tags. But I was totally shocked to see that even the intricately beaded $6,590 evening wear (pictured above) discounted down to $1,650. According to the sales associate, most pieces were 85%~90% off retail.

Carolina Herrera's dreamy bridal gowns, although limited in selection, were priced $1,000~$1,250 for simpler designs and $1,500~$2,000 for pieces with decorations. If you are only interested in more day–to–day RTWs, you will easily find tweed dresses and jackets for $500 and $725. Pants, skirts, and tops were at the lowest end around $100--down from $990. In addition, many colorfully elegant dresses were under $500. Oh! I also found a few Manolos in the corner with a few sizes available. But clearly, the dresses were the attraction at this sale.

Price list: 
Mostly 85%~90% off retail
Dress (5th picture on left) $300
Dress (5th picture on right) $300
Dress (9th picture on left) $300
Dress (9th picture on right) $500
Dress (8th picture on right) $1,000
Beaded evening top (1st picture) $1,650
Novelty plaid tweed jacket $500
Novelty plaid tweed dress $725
Wool boucle dress $475
Floral taffeta dress $500
High–waisted straight pants $100
Manolo Blahnik shoes $342.50, $345, and $365
Knit tops $200~$400
Wedding gowns $1,000, $1,250, $1,500, $1,925, and $2,000
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