Jun 21, 2010

*SAMPLE SALE* Malandrino's color explosion

Catherine Malandrino's sample sale started off Monday morning with rainbow colors bursting everywhere at Metropolitan Pavillion.

Dresses, tops, jackets, skirts, and cardigans at this sample sale saw Malandrino's wild explorations of fabrics and details. There were a few knit–heavy dresses from her past collection. Other dresses, such as jersey and cotton, were designed with plenty of ornamentation and intricate stitchery. Ruffles and watercolor floral prints were definitely easy to find. But a few pieces, like the long maxi dresses in bold hues and patterns from neck to toe, felt a bit much. 

Although it was very organized and without the usual sample sale insanity, the wait for both a fitting room and a cashier were verrrry long. FYI, there was a huge sign that asked people for a photo ID when purchasing with a credit card. Also, if you are looking for Malandrino's shoes and accessories, don't bother to roll in because the sale is clothing only.

Price list:
Tops $95
Cardigans/Wraps $145
Dresses $155
Long dresses $225
Skirts $65
Pants /Shorts $55
Jackets $195
Coats $225
Leather jackets $295

Special items
Floral embroidered top $145
Leather shorts $175
Cutout leather skirts $275
Cutout leather dresses $495
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