Jun 7, 2010

*SAMPLE SALE* Mop it up at Moffatt

The Lauren Moffatt sample sale officially kicks off tomorrow. Fortunately, I was invited to an early press showing today; so I merrily made my way down to their showroom.

As I entered their 15th floor office, there were several racks of very, very recent RTW hanging and 1 huge clearance bin (more on this later). Most items on the racks were colorfully-patterned dresses perfect for this summer. In addition, there were stunning silk tops and skirts. I especially like the beautiful spring jacket pictured above. But what I loved, loved, loved about this sample sale were the prices!! Extremely affordable~~ 

Now, back to that clearance bin I mentioned. I usually don't find great items in sample sale clearance bins. But today was different. The clearance bin was a gem. I found a gorgeous black & white floral-print silk dress for only $20. Finally, the staff was very friendly and Ms. Moffatt generously donated her time and hand to help me with the photos below.

MizAdvice: If you are searching for colorful, flirty, and fun dresses...this sale is a must!! I can easily envision you walking away with tons of stuff without hurting your wallet too much~. 

Price list:
Shorts $60
Tops $90
Skirts $80
Dresses $120
Blazer $140
Long dresses $260
Clearance bin $20
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