Jun 29, 2010

*SAMPLE SALE* Plenty trendy Fendis

The Fendi sample sale opened its doors to the public at 3pm today. Fashionable ladies were eagerly waiting in line, unable to hide their excitement over 80% off Fendi bags. 

Bags were the most popular item. The famous Fendi B bag in leather and lace (seen in 1st and 2nd picture) were discounted 80% off retail. Also, the Spy bags in various styles including exotic skins and mink were also 80% off. A few Baguette bags in bright bold hues were also present, but they weren't so sought–after. Leather totes in smaller sizes were priced around $240~$350. Exotic skin wallets with the Fendi logo in light pink and blue were priced $115. They were in excellent condition and would have made a great gift.

I was also impressed with their RTW selection, which were organized by price ($29, $59, $99, 70%, and 90%). Dresses, skirts, jackets, tops, and cardigans in off–pastels, black, tulle, jersey, cashmere, silk, and even fur were aplenty. The sizes, however, were limited. They mostly carried 40~44. These sizes run a bit small, so if you pick a piece that you really want, try it on first. The employees were very helpful and friendly. One person in particular answered the same "how–much–is–it" question every 5 minutes with a smile. I asked her if they were restocking but was told "No". 

Price list:
Bags 65~80% off
Wallets 80% off
Womenswear $29, $59, $99, and 70~90% off
Menswear 70% off
T–shirts $29
Shawls and throws 70% off
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