Jun 22, 2010

*SAMPLE SALE* Tory story

The Tory Burch sample sale brought out a huge crowd of people. At 10am, the line reached the middle of block. By 10:30, it had doubled in size. By the time I came out at 12pm, it stretched to the 7th Ave. A few ladies, who obviously prepared for the long wait, brought fold-up chairs, bottles of water, and books to relax and take in the sights.

Inside, the place was bustling with people but not as bad as I expected considering the long wait. First thing I noticed was that a lot of the clothing available could be found online; Shannon jacket $195 (online price $242.50), Holly jacket $195 (online price $247.50), Roscoe skirt $75 (online price $112.50), Rennon dress $195 (online price $175), Marilu cardigan $125 (online price $142.50), Bria tee $65 (online price $42.50), Marlene polo $65 (online price $122.50). It's clear that there is a price difference so make sure to research the prices before you come in. The line for a fitting room wasn't too bad but you are only allowed 10 items at a time.

Now, onto the shoes. They had a strict rule for trying on shoes and a lady next to me expressed her frustration by commenting "It's like a game show." Here is why. Before you enter the building, you receive a ticket with a number. No ticket, no shoes. Once you got your number, you have to go the back of the room on the 2nd floor where there is a glass display with lace up sneakers, thong sandals, jelly gladiators, and high heels. After deciding which ones you want, you can enter the shoes room as soon as they call your number. You are given 10 minutes to try them on and 1 employee to get you your size.

By the cashier's registers, various handbags such as Nylon Ella tote, Crinkle Bombe Burch tote, Degrade tote, Nico tote, Jordana tote, Linden tote, Shiloh satchel, Anna satchel, Kerry resin clutches hung on the wall (see the pricing at the end). 

Most of the items at this sale were in very good condition but I just didn't think it was worth the wait of almost two hours in this hot humid weather. Many items were discounted more than 50% but if you research thoroughly, you will find that you are not saving much on other items like tees and polos. 

Price list:
Tee/Polo $65
Sleeveless/Short sleeve blouse $85
L/S blouses $99
Tunics $115
Cardigan/Sweaters $99
Embellished sweaters $125
Shorts/Skirts $75
Sequin shorts $95
Pants $85
Dresses/Kaftans $145
Sequin tops/Dresses $195
Blazers/Coats $195
All leather/Suede $250
Sequin jacket $250

Nylon Ella tote $99
Mini Ella $99
Crinkle Bombe Burch tote $250
Degrade tote $99
Nico tote $250
Anna satchel $195
Jordana tote $250
Shiloh satchel $250
Linden tote $250
Kerry resin clutch $99
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