Jul 15, 2010

*SAMPLE SALE* Cynthia's whimsically girly sale

Cynthia Rowley's sample sale opened for the public a day early and so I had a chance to shop this morning. A tiny adorable boutique in the West Village was with no shoppers at 10am and employees were still organizing the sale items.

An intimate closet room, in the back of the boutique, was full of girly items. Everything from Rowley's RTW to shoes to bags and accessories were discounted up to 80% off. Pricing varied considerably and exactly how much savings you were getting was hard to figure out since they didn't indicate the original prices. While some items were reasonably priced, others were a HUGE bargain. Belts were $19 and $29, tights were $6, knit hats and scarves were $39, embroidered necklaces were $39, and a really cute satin dress that I had my eyes on was only $60 (more pricing after the break).

I also noticed a few pieces that are still selling online, like the spectator dress and the sequin tank top. Other dresses and skirts that I tried on at the end had some minor imperfections so check carefully if you end up picking up something. Finally, there were also actual 'samples' to be had as well.

Price list:
Most items 30%~80% off
Sequin shorts (12th picture on right) $89
Blue skirt (13th picture on left) $59
Tulle skirt (11th picture) $99
Yellow bow dress (12th picture on left) $69 
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