Jul 21, 2010

*SAMPLE SALE* Dresses galore at Carmen Marc Valvo

Carmen Marc Valvo is best known for his eveningwear. I was thrilled to stop by his sample sale in the early daytime (f&f today/public tomorrow) to see what was offered.

In the hallway of Carmen Marc Valvo's showroom, endless racks of day dresses and formal pieces were lined up neatly. It was relatively quiet and well-organized, making it easy for shoppers to browse the pretty dresses. 

Here is what I spotted from this sale. Many daytime dresses in different styles: floral prints, silk patterns, laces, bold crayola colors, and sunflower details. Although all of these dresses were pretty to look at, my interest was more toward the cocktail pieces. There were lots of laces, chiffons, and bandage pieces in bold hues & prints (see the last picture). I also saw gold lame fabrics, beaded silks, and embellished details. Evening gowns were also beautiful, but some pieces seemed more appropriate for a high school prom. 

If you are attending a romantic wedding in the near future or having a special evening planned, schedule an appointment. It is open for the public tomorrow so make sure to call and reserve a spot (212–944–7370)

Price list:
Beaded dresses $500
Suits $350
Dresses $200

Gowns $300
Carmen cocktails $200
CMV dresses $100
Separates $75
Samples $50
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