Jul 14, 2010

*SAMPLE SALE* Viewing Vivienne's vetements

It's been slow on the sample sale front these days, so I was excited to drop by the start of Vivienne Tam's sale. Unfortunately, the steady downpours sullied my excitement. Oh well~ have to soldier on.

The sample sale is on the 15th floor and as I exited the elevator I caught a glimpse of Vivienne Tam, herself, checking if everything was in order. She soon departed and the 20 or so patrons were left to shop the 20 or so racks. Butterfly-prints were aplenty (priced $150~$190). There were a few nice chiffon tops and dresses in lovely warm shades. All the way in the back of the room, I found one clearance rack with nice summery dresses in sample sizes that were priced under $100, which I thought was a steal. By the way, there was a raffle to win a HP Vivienne Tam notebook and if you purchase more than $200, you receive a free butterfly-print cotton scarf.

Price list:
Clothing up to 75% off
Mao pillowcase $15 (small), $20 (medium)
Silk scarves $40
Belt $55
Butterfly scarf $15 (cotton), $40 (silk)

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