Aug 12, 2010

Best of magazine covers

These Elle Sweden (Sept. 2010) covers are out of this world. I ADORE reading fashion magazines and there's nothing like having an issue waiting for me in my mailbox every month!! Great magazine covers like these are just immense inspirations. 'Tis the season of September issues (the creme de la creme of magazines), so I cobbled together my favorite past issues from various magazines. Some are iconic, but all are simply timeless. Enjoy!

Elle US, May 2009

Vogue UK, February 2010

Vogue US, May 2004

Vogue UK, May 2005

Vogue UK, January 1990

Vogue UK, June 1998

Vogue UK, February 1995

Vogue Paris, February 2005

Vogue Paris, December 2004

Vogue Paris, November 2008

Harper's Bazaar US, September 1992

Harper's Bazaar UK, January 2010

Harper's Bazaar US,  April 1965

Harper's Bazaar US, April 1956

New York Magazine, Fall 2008

Vanity Fair, August 1991

People, September 1997
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