Aug 24, 2010

*MIZSPECIALS* Scarf 101 {part 1: Tutorial}

You may already know that Retro chic is making a comeback this fall. And what is more retro than fashionable scarves? Not only are they fabulous, but also a necessity in the autumn weather. Try imagining Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelly without their chic scarves?

The question of how to tie a scarf can be tricky at times. I've spent countless hours trying to create "the perfect look". If this sounds familiar, I found some impeccable solutions. A website called Texere Silk illustrates how to tie a scarf in over 40 different ways. Did you even know there would be over 40 ways?!! Also, Brooks Brothers' online store has a link with step–by–step guides that are easy to follow.

Now, that you've mastered tying a scarf, how would you coordinate them? Find out tomorrow with the 2nd part of this MizSpecial.

{Images via Conde Nast Store}
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