Aug 30, 2010

*SAMPLE SALE* The boudoir of Kiki de Montparnasse

Feeling sultry and seductive? The Kiki de Montparnasse sample sale that started last Wednesday continued to sizzle with sexy (some very naughty) lingerie.

It was definitely the most unique shopping experience. From satin lace lingeries to bedroom toys, this sale was for those who want to spice up their bedroom for a bargain. Softly lit red light on the 2nd floor of this boutique made me feel like I was in a boudoir of a sex goddess. 

Let's start with basics. I spotted bras mostly in satins, laces, ruffles, and different colors like purple, red, green, pink, and black. They were priced $45. Next to these colorful bras, there were sexy garter belts also in laces and satins. Panties were gathered in boxes and were priced $25. A very limited selection of lounge wear was $65. Tops were $45 but I suggest skipping this section as I found a few pieces with rips and tears. Accessories and miscellaneous items include CDs, books, bath soak, and bedroom toys. 

This sale goes til Wednesday, September 1st, and I was told by a very friendly SA that there is a good chance that there will be extra discounts. I was very satisfied with their pricing, but if you are a conservative person looking for more comfortable underwear than sexy lingerie, this sale is not for you. 

Price list:
Bras $45
Lounge $65
Special items $150
Tops $45
Panties $25
Leggings $30 
Miscellaneous $5 & $65
Accessories $15
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