Aug 4, 2010

*SAMPLE SALE* Glitzy world of Betseyville

The Betsey Johnson summer sample sale opened its door, and like last time, many young ladies with their moms hurried to grab Betsey's fun and playful items.

Last spring, the Betsey Johnson sample sale offered pretty good deals. Well today, you will be happy to know, the discounts were even greater. So great, that shoes --although limited in sizes and far less in inventory-- were only $10!!! I asked an employee just to confirm and she nodded and said, "Yes, they are all $10."

Not everyone is a big fan of Betsey Johnson's wild and over-the-top playful style, but I was surprised to find many pieces that were actually cute and wearable. The sweet price points were just icing on the cake. Evening dresses were $65, day dresses $50, tops $35, bottoms $35, jackets were just $45. 

Moving on to bags, I noticed that bags were noticeably reduced in quantity. Here's what I saw.  Bags in leopard print, plastics, metallics, velvets, canvases, and leathers. So was it worth checking out? Yes. Sequins, laces, ruffles, and eyelets for under $64: definitely worth the look.

Price list:
Sweaters $50
Tops $45
Bottoms $35
Jackets $45
Day dresses $50
Evening dresses $65
Shoes $10
Plastic totes $50
Velvet bags $40
Leather bags $75
Canvas bags $50
Large necklaces $40
Small necklaces $20
Bracelets $25
Earrings $15
Rings $30
Leggings $45
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