Aug 23, 2010

*SAMPLE SALE* A look inside the Haute Hippie sale

As I walked to the Haute Hippie sample sale this morning, the question I kept asking myself: "Is this worth the trip in the rain?"

Well, upon entering the showroom, the sparkle and shine from all the clothes initially made me say "Yes!". Sequins, pleats, drapes, glitters, chiffons, embellishments, and satins covered the racks. Dresses and skirts appropriate for parties caught my eye. They were all so flirty! And to top it off, the price list seemed quite affordable. It felt too good to be true~.

And it was. Reality started to kick in as I discovered many damaged items. I noticed some knits had what looked like moth holes and minor tears. Then, there was that affordable price list I mentioned earlier. A bit confusing. I found a really cute embellished dress and according to their price list, it should have been $100. I asked one of the employees to confirm, and was told that because there was no damage it would be 50% off the original price. That made this dress (over $500 original) around $250 (seems that's what they mean by "Stock 50%" on their price list). 

Although I came out empty handed, this sale was not a total bust. There still were plenty of cute party pieces that were affordably priced. See the exact price list at the end of this post along with the photos, and decide for yourself.

Price list:
T-Shirts $25
Camis $20
Lingerie $20
Pants $50
Embellished dress $100
Accessories $50
Dicklaces $60
Novelty sweater $125
Basic sweater $80
Embellished skirts $65
Embellished vest $65
Blouses $60
Dresses (not embellished) $65
Scarves $50
Tights $45
Embellished shirts $40
Leather $80
Stock 50%
Shorts $30
Embellished jackets $65
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