Sep 24, 2010

*DESIGNER COLLAB* Uniqlo +J Fall/Winter 2010

An official Mizhattan countdown has begun till the launch of the Uniqlo +J 2010 Fall/Winter Collection. Being a big fan of Uniqlo and even a bigger fan of Jil Sander, I can't wait till October 7th arrives, so that I can haul away some great fall pieces. Here is the price list:

Outerwear $129.90~$229.90
Bottoms $59.90~$69.90
Denim $49.90
Shirts $49.90~$79.90
Dresses $99.90~$149.90
Cut and Sewn $15.90~$79.90
Sweater $49.90~$179.90

Outerwear $69.90~$229.90
Bottoms $59.90~$79.90
Denim $49.90
Shirts $49.90
Cut and Sewn $19.90~$59.90
Sweaters $59.90~$179.90
Accessories $29.90~$129.90

{Image credit: Uniqlo}
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