Sep 1, 2010


Color: mauve + camel.
Hair: simple, soft, clean bun.
Wardrobe: tweed jacket, classic camel, and ruffle.
Accessories: stacked leather bracelets with oversized tote.
Shoes: pointy studded stiletto. 

{Image credit: Bergdorf Goodman, AllureElle Canada, InStyle UK, Svend Lindbaek}

* Mizzy's Monthly Moodboard is a new section I was inspired to create as a fashion/beauty concept board. The moodboard is a critical component in getting perspective and visualization on the styles that one wishes to create. At the beginning of every month, get an insight into my personal inspirations for clothing, accessories, hair & makeup. Hopefully, this section will bring out your creativity and you will want to create a moodboard of your own to share with other Mizhattanites.
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