Sep 21, 2010

*SAMPLE SALE* Reminder: Hermes Public Sale Starts Tomorrow

The Fall 2010 Hermes sample sale is finally here. VIPs were let in today and the public will be able to snatch some Hermes goodies tomorrow. As always, Mizhattan will have a full in-depth report from this event tomorrow but here is some information that I gathered from today's VIP sale. According to Jim Shi, the staff was very well dressed and friendly, Garden Party totes are $800 but almost all of them are gone and ties are $100. Restricter from the Purse Forum also kindly wrote a detailed report after waiting 5 1/2 hours in line:

No leather bags
A few leather/toile trims and a couple of large leather/toile plumes
Gloves, small leather goods, black box bearns, rapidly being depleted by frenzied shoppers
Small selection of silky pops
Even smaller selection of scarf rings, 2 animal bag charms left, small selection of leather necklaces and leather jumbo bracelets
Decent selection of belts
Gold jewelry (70% off retail) being rapidly depleted
Small selection of shoes, even smaller selection of boots
Lots of clothes
OK scarf selection being rapidly depleted
Canvas Garden Parties in Maroon (rapidly depleted)
Restocking to occur daily 

So, there it is. Prepare for a long wait and make sure to come back tomorrow for the Mizhattan report on this sale.

{Image credit: Hermes Fall 2010}
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