Oct 18, 2010

*MIZSPECIALS* Style on a Budget {part 1: Coats under $400}

It's still only October, but chilly wintry days will soon be upon us. For those who are on a budget, your shopping guide Mizhattan, is here to help prepare you for a stylish winter season. Everyday this week, I plan to post different types of winter wear that are also wallet friendly. Here are some cozy chic coats I found.

Talbots (Above)
Left: Dome–button coat, $249. Right: Belted double–faced wool coat, $369.

Left: Overcoat Olmo, $209.90. Right: Coat –L–Marcus, $339.90.

Ann Taylor
Left: Petite Monroe tweed coat, $348. Right: Perfect double breasted coat, $398.

Left: Double–breasted cape coat, $388. Right: Double–breasted trench coat, $398.

Left: Studio straight coat, $229. Right: Herringbone double–breasted coat with flap pockets, $229. 
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