Oct 19, 2010

*SAMPLE SALE* Elie Tahari, Sale Safari

Hungry bargain hunters gathered in the early morning for the Elie Tahari sample sale today. And like a proper safari, there were some bumpy roads in the beginning. But at the end, none of that mattered.

I arrived midday to a line of 30 or so people. But don't expect the wait to be too long. Groups of 10 were allowed in every 5 minutes. So by the time I checked a few emails, I was in.

Like the previous sale, there were plenty of racks (I counted at least 20) full of professional work wear. Coats, dresses, knits, and t-shirts in various textures and colors filled the space. Super savvy sale hunters were quickly rummaging through, picking out great deals on these pieces. I saw many great tweed jackets, gold brocade jackets, animal print tops, and beautiful watercolor print dresses. All of these items were not organized by size so it takes a bit of time trying to find yours. But once you do find "the one", it was so~ worth the effort. If you are in need of winter coats and heavy jackets, I also spotted a rack full of winter basic coats and puffer jackets. See the full pricing at the end of this post.

Shoes and bags were definitely the highlight of this sale safari. From ballet flats to glamourous evening sandals, their selection of shoes was great. Stylish but also practical bags mostly in leather were also aplenty. The Men's section was smaller this season, but I did find many button down shirts and knit tops in stripes that any guy would love. One thing of note, there was a longer wait for a cashier than to actually get inside the showroom.

MizAdvice: For those super bargain hunters, Elie Tahari will have a final markdown of up to 80% off on the original price on October 22nd and October 23rd. So, happy shopping!!

Price list:
Knits $19~$29
Scarves $39
Sweaters $49
Blouses $59
Skirts $59
Pants $59
Leather skirts $79
Luxe sweaters $89
Jackets $99
Day dresses $99
Leather pants $99
Leather dresses $129
Evening dresses $129
Coats $199~$279
Leather jackets $279
Fur/Shearling $499
Ballerina/Flats $79
Assorted shoes $99
Sample pumps $99
Sample boots $129
Small handbags $79
Medium handbags $179
Large handbags $249

Knits $19~$39
Scarves $39
Shirts $49
Pants $49
Sweaters $69
Woven jackets $99
Short coats $149
Cashmere jackets $199
Long coats $199
Leather jackets $279
Ties $29
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