Oct 26, 2010

*SAMPLE SALE* Furla–licious

This morning at the Furla sample sale, all was calm. With only a few shoppers browsing the items, the atmosphere was quite relaxed. Before I get to this Mizhattan report, keep in mind that this sale is not for those who are searching for high–end luxury handbags. You will, however, find many practical "every day bags" that are great for weekends or the office.

Totes, shoulder bags, satchels, hobos, and men's briefcases were organized by price with color stickers attached to each item. The Madeleine shopper, which is currently sold at Zappos for $434.25, was only $229. Snake skin totes, perfect as diaper bags, were $259. Although I spotted some tacky designs, most of these usable bags were really affordable. Speaking of affordability, I found many clearance boxes full of Marico bags priced at $9. Yes, they are not the world's most desirable bags, but who cares when they are only $9! In addition, their travel bags ($349) and men's briefcases ($229) were also very reasonably priced. Be sure to see the full price list at the end.

Moving onto accessories and small leather goods. I actually enjoyed this section more than the bags. Comprised of makeup bags, wallets, and clutches, Furla's smalls leather goods were mostly in metallics and fake exotic skins (some imitated exotic skins looked surprisingly real). Everything was priced under $80. Again, you won't feel wildly glamorous having one in your purse, but I found lots of simple and elegant pieces. Their belt selection, all for $39, wasn't as attractive compared to the other selections--I suggest skipping it. Overall, if you are in need of a practical and casual bag without the fuss, drop by and have a look. The sale ends Thursday.

Price list:
Furla bags
Travel bags $349
Briefcases $229, $259
Marico bags $9
Small leather goods $19, $39, $79
Clutches $259
Belts $39
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