Nov 11, 2010

*SAMPLE SALE* Heeling Time at Manolo Blahnik

When it comes to shopping, there are two things I love: great bargains & fantastic shoes. Let's first talk about the latter since many of my fellow Mizhattanites will definitely sympathize. Shoes are like comfort food to me. Whether they are sky-high heels, red-soled knockouts, staple classics, cutie flats, or sexy booties; my heart flutters at the sight of a gorgeous pair. I love trying them, buying them, or simply eye-shopping for them. Shoes have a way of picking me up and healing my spirit.

So when Manolo Blahnik decides to hold a sample sale, with heels priced at $100, I'm in Seventh Heaven.

I arrived at the Warwick Hotel bright and early this morning. There were a little less than 30 ladies already seated inside the conference room. The procedure for check-in was exactly the same as the last sale--receive an alphabet ticket which correlates to the time you get to shop. Mine was "A", so I was to enter with the first group. Also, just like the last Manolo sample sale, Andre Leon Talley of Vogue would be the Grand Marshal of the event--handing out compliments, critiques, and casual advice.

By the time group A was allowed in, it was 10am and when I took a final glimpse at the waiting room's attendance, it was an uncountable sum. Inside the sample sale area, there were roughly 50 ladies mad-dashing. People were hoarding like there's no tomorrow. I saw many ladies (young and old) grabbing what amounted to small Everest worth of shoes without care to color or size. The ambiance wasn't at apocalyptic levels, but it was chaos nonetheless.

Now, to the shoes! Here's what I found. There were bridal strappy sandals & pumps, polka-dot pumps, patent flats in various styles and hues, classic sling-backs in python, evening metallic sandals, floral beaded sling-backs, and python & embellished mules. Unfortunately, I couldn't find as many boots and exotic skins as the previous sale. Regarding sizes, all the shoes ranged from 35 to 41. But to be honest, most 36s were gone and barely any 37/37.5s were left. For those in the 39 to 41 range, you don't need to worry....there were PLENTY!!

Finally, I asked Andre Leon Tally if he preferred Manolos or Louboutins. Being the consummate diplomat and host to this sale, his answer: "Manolo is the King. Yes, he is the King".

Price list:
Plain/Suede/Leather/Satin $100
Shoes with Ornaments $136
Snake Shoes $136
Snake Shoes with Rhinestone Buckle $163
Shoes with Rhinestones $163
Shoes with Large Rhinestones $190
Shoes with Embroidery $136
Lace Shoes $163
Shoes with Gromets $136
Shoes with Chains $163
Shoes with Ostrich Trim $217
Shoes in Sequins $136
Ostrich Shoes $272
Shoes with Alligator Trim $217
Shoes with Lizard Trim $190
Python and Lizard Shoes $272
Python and Lizard Sandals $217
Alligator Thongs $190
Alligator Sandals $272
Alligator Shoes $381
Pony Hair Shoes $136
Eel Shoes $190
Stingray Shoes $163
Heavy Shoes $163

Sequin Boots-Over the Knee $544
Over the Knee with Astrakhan $544
Fur Boots $544
Over the Knee Snake Boots $544
Over the Knee with Sherling $544
Over the Knee $435
Sherling $435
Mid-Calf Boots and To the Knee $381
Pony Hair Ankle Boots $326
Ankle Boots Snake $326
Lizard Shoe Bootie $326
Gladiator Boot Leather $163
Gladiator Boot Snake/Chains $272
Sandal Bootie $191
Shoe Bootie (Below Ankle) $217
Open Toe Bootie $217
Ankle Boots (At or Above Ankle) $272
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