Dec 16, 2010

*MIZBIES* Hermes Wallpaper

Here's a crazy thought. Have you ever wanted to cover your computer screen with luxurious Hermes leathers? Well, Hermes seems to think you should. By going to, choosing United States, then clicking on the link that reads "travel the world of Hermes", you're half way there to grabbing an official Hermes wallpaper. Once the new page has fully loaded, click on the orange rectangular image that reads Screen Leather in cursive (it's 8th from the left & 4th from the top). You get to choose from 35 different styles that you can download onto your computer. It's like having a Birkin on your computer! While you're there, click around, there's a lot of fun games and info that any Hermes-phile will love.

{Image credit: Hermes}
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