Dec 15, 2010

*SALE HUNT* Private Viewing at Chanel

As Mizhattan was the first to announce Chanel's private sale, I decided to pay a visit to their flagship boutique. Like most Mizhattanites, I am a die-hard lover of Chanel, so there was no way a brutally cold Manhattan day would stop me from seeing what this sale had to offer.

First thing to note, according to my SA, only RTWs, shoes, and a limited selection of accessories (shown in the last photo) from the Fall/Winter 2010 collection are discounted. Sorry ladies, this means no bags. So, how much was the discount? 40% off~

Since most Mizhattanites know that my love is for shoes, my first stop was the shoe section. For this sale, Chanel offered lots of varieties from summer clogs & casual sneakers to this season's drool–worthy flats, sandals, and booties for every occasion. Again, they were all discounted 40% off the retail price.

Moving onto Ready-to-Wears. There were over 10 wall & standing racks filled with tweed jackets--some from the Paris-Shanghai collection--and classic coats and knits dresses. I spotted a gorgeous silk blouse that I couldn't resist having, it was priced $715 (originally $1,190). A gorgeous winter white tweed jacket (photo above) was priced $2,695 (originally $4,490), while a tweed jacket in leafy green (2nd photo below) was $2,995 (originally $4,990). A very classy tweed coat with fur trim was $3,440 (originally $5,7,35) and a simple knit dress in navy was $1,310 (originally $2,180). Lace tops and light-weight parkas were also available. Regarding sizes, there were plenty available since today was the start of this sale, though I suspect many items will soon find their fashionista owners.

My final stop was to the 3rd floor, where they displayed their newly arrived merchandise. Obviously, these items weren't on sale, but it is worth a look if you decide to drop by. By the way, the public sale starts this Friday, December 17th.

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