Dec 6, 2010

*SAMPLE SALE* DVFashionistas Pursue Deals

Today's bitter cold weather didn't stop DVFashionistas from waiting in line to grab deals on DVF wear. When I arrived in the early morning, workers were still unloading boxes upon boxes full of DVF merchandise. Even through the swirling wind and snow, I could see the determination on shoppers' faces. One shopper--infant in her arms and another in a stroller--was so determined to shop that she was oblivious to her son's tantrums and the many shoppers who eyed her with distain. What was she thinking?

Inside, the scene was chaotic. Press, VIPS, friends & family were all busily shopping amongst the many rows of clothing. So what were they hunting for? To start off, I spotted countless racks (which were divided by different sizes) of dresses, blouses, skirts. They were all in bold & explosive prints and patterns. Gowns & cocktail dresses were $275, day dresses were $125, and DVF wrap dresses were $150. I found the Tallulah dress--currently sold on DVF's online store for $345--was $125 at this sale. As I moved deeper into the venue, I noticed lots of outerwear in different styles. A Mid Dietrich coat in Navy--sold online for $725--was $350. A stylish military–inspired coat was $350. Other pieces that I spotted: Yacia top in Ikat Diamond were $80, Roccoco Felted jacket in Heather Gray was $125.

Similar to the last DVF sale the line for a fitting room was verrrry looong. Just so you know, there is a 10 garment limit for the fitting room. In addition to the fitting room lines, another massive line for the cashier was also moving very slow. The latter line made it almost impossible to browse the accessories section. Overall, there will be plenty of inventory available for the official start to this sale tomorrow. The boxes the workers unloaded earlier in the morning weren't even unpacked by the time I left. MizAdvice is to just look out for any damages before you make a purchase. As always, the price list is at the end.

Price list:
Gowns/Cocktail Dresses $275
Wraps & Vintage $150
Dresses $125
Jackets $125
Blouses $80
Skirts $80
Pants $80
Tees $40
Tanks $20
Coats $350
Samples $50
Sweaters $80
Damages $40
Swimsuits $50
Swim Cover Ups $100
Leather $250
Small Accessories $10
Wallets $70
Coin Purse $10
Keychain $10
Fur Accessories $95
Belts $60
Leather Gloves $60
Jersey Scarves & Earmuffs $30
Woven Scarves & Hats $60
Handbags $175, $225, $275
Totes $90
Sarongs $5
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