Dec 9, 2010

*SAMPLE SALE* Tory Story 2

Gosh, it's cold!! But sub-freezing temperatures didn't stop Tory Burch fans from coming out for her sample sale. When I arrived at Clothingline, around 100 super shoppers were already in line trying to stay warm and awake with a hot beverage.

Mercifully, the sale organizers opened the doors 30 minutes earlier than scheduled due to the cold. Once inside, I noticed that the organization of the sale was exactly the same as the previous sale. As soon as you enter the 2nd floor space, a ticket guy greets you with a number for the shoe section. In case you're unfamiliar with this number system, here's how it works. After you receive your ticket, you are allowed to enter the shoe section as soon as they call your number. While you wait for your number to be called, you can browse the many shoes from a glass display. Since we are on the shoe subject, I found some cute rain boots for $98, Reva flats in silver sequins for $165, and peep–toe booties for $199.

Now onto clothing. Today's freezing weather made me pay more attention to outerwear. There were lots of puffers priced $175, coats & capes in tweed and wool were $225, and shearling vests were $275. I found some great cocktail party dresses as well. Dresses were priced $125 and sequins were priced $195. If you are into Tory Burch classics...her logo tees  were $65 (originally $150) and striped tops were $95. I also found plenty of leather biker jackets priced $250.

Handbags were in abundance as well. Kateson totes were $295, Dayton flat clutches were $195, Jaden tweed totes were $150, Olympia messengers were $150, Mini bags were $165, Norah satchels were $265 & $295, and Alice Minis were $195. Only 10 items of clothing were allowed in the fitting room but thankfully there was no line. Sadly, this was not the case for the line outside. As I was leaving, I could see that the queue to enter had grown significantly.
Price list:
Tees $65
Embellished Tees $85
Sleeveless/Short Sleeve Tops $85
Long Sleeve Tops/Tunics/Cardigans $95
Sweaters $125
Shorts/Skirts $75
Pants $85
Dresses $125
Sequins $195
Blazers/Jackets $195
Unlined Outerwear/Puff Vest $125
Puffers $175
Coats/Capes/Poncho $225
Leather/Suede $250
Shearlings/Fur $275

Anne Marie flats $99
Eddie flat $123
Reva flat $165
Rain boots $98
Pump $150
High heel sandal/booties $199
Boots $299

Kateson Mini bag $195
Kateson tote $295
Dayton Flat clutch $195
Dayton satchel $265
Tweed small Jaden tote $150
Olympia messenger $150
Carson satchel $295
Carson shoulder bag $265
Steffi hobo $265
Steffi clutch $195
Steffi tote $295
Mini bag $165
Mini Norah satchel $265
Oversized Norah satchel $295
Lilian zip tote $295
Dafina small hobo $195
Alice mini bag $195
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