Dec 2, 2010

*SAMPLE SALE* Viewing Vera

Bright and early this morning, I bundled up and headed for Vera Wang's Fashion District showroom in search of deals on Ready-to-Wears and cocktail dresses.

Decorative, feminine, and artsy...Vera Wang's designs are always romantic. Pieces that were available at this sample sale were no exception. Around 10 racks of RTWs, 2 racks of samples, and one huge table of jewelries elegantly filled the showroom. There were beautiful knit tops with trimmed organza corsages, detailed winter coats, and simple draped jersey frocks. But what I loved the most were the cocktail dresses in satin drapes, elaborate sequins & tulles. All of these splendid pieces were classic Vera Wang's refined creations. Regarding size, each item had a few different sizes available. I found one coat in sizes 2, 6, & 10, while another was 4, 6, & 8. As you can see, it was a mix-mash of sizes.

By now, you are asking about prices, right? I was told everything was 75% off the price tag. So, here are some original retail prices that I spotted. A black one–shoulder drape dress (3rd photo below) was $1,395, a gold sequin skirt (5th photo below) was $550, a dark green satin drape dress (4th photo below) was $1,095, a black evening coat (7th photo below) was $1,650, and an elaborate sequin cocktail dress (photo above) was $950. Remember, these are all the original prices. Forgive me for not doing the math.

Vera Wang's gorgeous evening bib necklaces, pins, and bracelets were also 75% off. Prices ranged roughly from $795~$895 for necklaces, and $350~$395 for pins (again, original pricing). This sale is open to the public until 6:30pm today. If you stop by, first head over to the 2 racks of samples with items that were all priced $40--this, I thought was well worth checking out.

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