Jan 18, 2011

*MIZGUIDES* Secrets of Chanel 2.55

Have you ever wondered how Chanel's iconic 2.55 bag is made? Enduring & timeless in design, here are some interesting facts and behind stories from Elle Canada on the Chanel 2.55.

*2.55 refers to the date the bag was released: February 1955.
*The seven pockets include an inner one that Chanel intended to be used solely for love letters.
*A transparent sticker bearing an ID number is hidden inside each bag. That number is identical to the number on the credit–card–like proof of authenticity that comes with each bag.
*It takes up to 15 people to complete the 180 steps involved in making a bag.
*The gentle curve of the outer back pocket was inspired by the Mona Lisa, Chanel's favorite painting.
*The bottom is quilted but flat, so that the bag sits properly. 
*Puffy jackets worn by Coco Chanel's boyfriend's horse breeders inspired the signature quilting.
*Holes for the bag's front closure and the chain's grommets are made with a laser–guided piercer. An oval–like instrument is used to secure the double C and the tiny screws of the closure on the classic bag. 
*It takes four fine strips of lambskin piping to make the leather–and–chain handle.

Before you go running to Chanel boutiques for your first, second, or third 2.55, I recommend taking the time to read the full article. You'll appreciate this iconic purse even more. I know I did.

{Image credit: Elle Canda}
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