Jan 3, 2011

*SALE HUNT* Manolo Blahnik Winter Sale Begins

It's a new year and to start it off with a bang, I dropped by Manolo Blahnik for their first sale of 2011.

It was nearly noon when I got to their 54th St. boutique. There was a small queue outside and after waiting about 5 minutes, I was let in. Inside, I was immediately overwhelmed by how crowded the store was. Give or take, there were approximately 30~40 patrons. I was also surprised to see a handful of gentlemen. Most were meandering about with dazed looks on their faces, probably wondering how their lady friends could try on so~ many shoes without growing tired. FYI, it was probably due to the crowd, but finding a SA to help with stiletto shopping was quite difficult.

Let's talk about the shoes and discounts! Elegant sandals, ravishing pumps, peep–toes, and knee-high boots were beautifully lined up from the entrance to the way back of the boutique. Sale items were up to 33% off (price list: 8th and 9th photo below) and there were plenty of jaw–dropping stilettos to go around. Because today is the first day of the sale, there were lots of sizes & styles available. But if you're budget-conscious, there is great news! Further reductions will be in effect 2 weeks from now.

MizAdvice: Remember to avoid getting there between 2pm~3pm when the store closes for a break.

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